Alexander & Jessica

About Us


How I Met Jessica

Circumstance. Sometimes it binds us. Sometimes it places us right where we need to be, right when we need to be there. People have different names for it and different interpretations of its meaning.

Whether you choose to call it fate, destiny, serendipity or circumstance, I came to meet Jessica through a series of conditions and occurrences with no relation or common purpose except when viewed in retrospect.

The Proposal

I don't remember exactly when I decided to propose, but I do remember taking mental note of Jessica's ring preference. She had a 3 stone costume jewelry ring from her childhood, given to her by her father. It had a blue stone in the center and two smaller clear stones to the sides. She pointed out how she liked the style setting, but would have preferred a white metal setting with two blue stones to the sides and a "big diamond" in the center. Seemed like a hint to me, like a really obvious hint.

Why I proposed

My father once expressed the opinion that you should get married only when you cannot see yourself living without the other person. When the time is right, it is the easiest of decisions -- a non-decision really. Those were not his exact words and I'm sure he doesn't remember ever specifically discussing the topic with me. I, myself, don't recall the context or even the decade in which our conversation took place, but I do remember the principle.


How I met Alex

I met him at the airport.

About Jessica

Some of you don't know me well, so I thought I'd let you know who I am.
I was born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland. I'm mixed with Chinese, English, Scottish, German and Mexican.

The Proposal

Before I met Alex, I had no intention of ever getting married. I thought, "Whatever, marriage is just something people think they have to do." But when I met Alex, marriage finally made sense.

On January 9, 2006, Alex had an appointment to go to the eye doctor, which was at Sun Valley Mall. If he was going to the mall, I wanted to go too! I still had to buy a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding.