Alexander & Jessica

About Us


How I Met Alex

I met him at the airport.

About Jessica

Some of you don't know me well, so I thought I'd let you know who I am.
I was born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland. I'm mixed with Chinese, English, Scottish, German and Mexican.

I've always been practicing some sort of art. I always loved to draw and paint. In Jr. High I took up music, playing the violin and dabbling with the piano and guitar. When I was young, I could be found making my own zines, paper dolls, and board games. Making our own stationery for the wedding has been fun for the both of us.

I went to the Academy of Art in San Francisco and got my BFA in 2006. Now that I am out, I am a freelance illustrator. The kind of work I do is mainly editorial. I have also worked on a few books, "The Magic Boots" published by Multimedia Enterprises and "Show Me How" published by Weldon Owen.

Music-wise, I listen to alternative metal, melodic death metal, nu-metal and 90's alternative.

My favorite shows are sci-fi/fantasy shows. Buffy, Angel, Hex, and Supernatural. I also like some of those teeniebopper WB/CW shows.

Alex and I have may not like the same music, but thank goodness we have similar taste in movies! We like sci-fi/fantasy movies. I never drag him to chick flicks.

All my life, people have mispronounced my name, I'm going by Wesler after we get married since that's hard to botch up. The way our family pronounces our name is Can-No.

The Proposal

Before I met Alex, I had no intention of ever getting married. I thought, "Whatever, marriage is just something people think they have to do." But when I met Alex, marriage finally made sense.

On January 9, 2006, Alex had an appointment to go to the eye doctor, which was at Sun Valley Mall. If he was going to the mall, I wanted to go too! I still had to buy a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding.

But he was strangely hesitant about letting me come with him. After his eye doctor appointment, he said he had to go. If I were a cartoon character, question marks would have popped over my head. The thought of him acting strangely because he was planning on proposing did pop into my head, but I quickly dismissed it because I didn't want to be "one of those girls".

The dress store coincidently sold wedding gowns, so I had weddings on the brain. Alex doesn't know this (though he will when he posts this on the site), but while he made dinner, I created an account on to browse dress designs to see what I liked. You know, to plan in advance.

When we got home, he had a bag from Albertson's with king crab legs. He knows I love crab...and king crab is KING! But we only eat crab during special occasions, and at $15 a pound, we have king crab for really special occasions. Something was up, and all I could think was, "OMG is he gonna propose? Keep quiet! Don't get excited. Play dumb."

After dinner we cuddled on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother. And where were Ted and Robin? At a wedding!
Alex was touching my ring finger. 
"You really have small fingers," he says.
"OMG it's gonna happen. PRETEND YOU DON'T KNOW!" 
He pulled a gray box out from under the pillow. The waterworks have started. After my squeals of delight and sobbing, I of course said, "Yes!" I cried so much the first time, I told him to ask me again.

I always tease him for not planning an elaborate proposal, but I'm glad it wasn't public. I'm a crier.