Alexander & Jessica


Save the Dates

The Making of the Save the Dates

The Save the Dates were designed and constructed by the both of us.
Alex vectorized the damask patterns found on the internet, and I designed everything else. For our designer friends- I used Burgues Script and Copperlate.

The concept for the website card was New York to San Francisco.
Alex traveled from his hometown of New York to see me in San Francisco, eventually moving to the Bay Area.

We printed them out on our own printer to save on printing costs. We used paper we already had. Below, Alex cuts the cards with Wesler precision.

The boxes arrive! They're the perfect color, just as pictured on the website.

Custom printed M&M's.

We saved money by not buying the blank M&Ms directly through the website and got more printed M&M's for our money.

Figuring we'd put them in plastic bags to keep the candy clean and so they don't fall out all over the floor when you open the box. The bags were heat sealed and trimmed.

Wrapped in kraft paper, ready to mail.


Questions about the Save the Dates

You received the Save the what?

You don't need to do a thing, a Save the Date doesn't require any RSVP. We're letting you know in advance, we're getting married on this date, and you are invited. This is to give you enough time to make any necessary travel arrangements.

If you know you won't be able to make it, you can choose to tell us now, or in June, when you receive your invitation.

• If you're an adult that received an invitation with your parents and/or sibling(s), we sent just one because of the limited amount of M&Ms. You will be receiving your own invitation when the time comes.

• If you have a long term significant other and they were not listed, let us know their name. We'll want include them on the envelope on the invitation and have a place card made for them for dinner. If your relationship status changes, let us know by June, that's when the invitations will be sent.